annual christmas raffle flyer

Flo’s Seniors Health and Care Programs Network Inc. and Rhythm Movements Community Association, will be hosting a raffle with the aim of utilizing partial proceeds to provide food, gifts and transportation for two needy families (one senior and one family) in our community. While many of us are celebrating with our families with gifts and a good meal, there are seniors and families within the National Capital Region (NCR)-Ottawa that have nothing to eat; and/or no gifts for their children.

The Christmas raffle will be drawn on December 11, 2021, which will give us enough time to purchase and deliver the gifts. In the hopes of inspiring early sales we will have an Early Bird draw of $500 on the 16th of October 2021 at 7pm.

The mandate of Flo’s is as follows: provide resources and services for family members/caregivers of seniors; provide an outlet for Afro-Caribbean seniors within the Ottawa community and provide resources and assistance to seniors seeking services and products within the community.

The mandate of Rhythm: is to provide a platform within the Community where youth have an avenue to express themselves in a positive and productive manner. To assist youth in understanding the benefits of being engaged within their own community, promoting and practicing a strong sense of civic, intergenerational and community engagement which will in turn enhance their lives. To promote artistic, athletic, self-awareness, self-management and leadership values in the youth.

It is our hope that you will consider purchasing booklets ($10.00) towards the costs of providing for these families this Christmas. Should you not wish to keep the book, you may donate the book to a senior or a young person over the age of 19.

In an effort to garner community support we are selling raffle tickets with the following prizes:

  • Early Bird – $500.00
  • 1st Prize – $1,000.00
  • 2nd Prize – $500.00
  • 3rd Prize – Gift basket (value of $250.00)

To purchase a booklet, please contact one of the following individuals:

  • Joanne Robinson – 613-292-3375
  • Judith Headley – 613-807-2866
  • Ashley Lewis – 613-983-3282

On behalf of Flo’s Seniors and Rhythm Movements, thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincere regards,

Joanne Robinson
Director, Flo’s Seniors
(613) 292-3375

Michael Brooks
Director, Rhythm Movements Community Association
(613) 292-2387